It’s easy to get tangled up in labels.

Zero-waste, low impact, etc…Maybe give yourself a break, eh?  Come to us, we’ll show you how to take the stress out of waste reduction.

There’s two kinds of waste we’re bothered about – food waste and excess packaging.  Here’s our approaches for reducing both kinds.

Food Waste


Selling by weight. Our dispensers and jars allow you to choose exactly how much you get.  It really helps keep the cost down, too.

Unused produce turns into hot soup. Our stuff’s delicious.   But we don’t always sell all of it, so before it goes off, we whack it in the pot, and whizz up some awesome soup for our customers to go home with.  It’s fresh and tasty, and if you bring your own container, we knock 15p off for you.  Head over to our recipes page to see what’s in our pot!

We donate food. Not everything works in a soup, of course.  We regularly donate unused stock to the Destitution Project in Bolton, one of several great local charities giving a bit of help to people who need it.

Excess Packaging

ecoleaf product range

Refills for everything! Well, almost.  It’s not just food that you can buy by weight, you know.  We sell a whole bunch of cleaning products – laundry liquid, washing up liquid, hand soap, multisurface cleaner – all refillable with us.  Head on over to our ‘What’s In Stock’ page to get the full list

We’re not the only refill shop near you (but some of them don’t know they’re refill shops). We’re the only organic greengrocers in Bolton, and the only place that’s working so hard to help you reduce waste. But there are lots of places that’ll work with you, if you just give them a nudge – most butchers are happy to let you bring your own container, and a lot of supermarket deli sections are going the same way.

We’ve got recyclable alternatives you can use. We’re not into shaming people. It’s fine if you’re doing things a bit at a time.  We’ve got some fully recyclable options available in store, from recycled cloth tote bags to brown paper wrapping for the truly old-school vibe.


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