Summer is here (quick, enjoy it while you can!)

Summer is here (quick, enjoy it while you can!)

I hope you had a good solstice last week! I had a lovely evening, wandering round Moses Gate Country Park, learning how to identify different herbs and plants, like the bloody hippy I am.
It’s set to be a lovely sunny week, so whether you are BBQ-ing or just fancy hitting up some salads then we have plenty of choice for you! Don’t forget, you are always welcome to refill your water bottles here. I have even put a bowl of water out for pooches; you are welcome to come sit and recharge your batteries here at any point.

P r o d u c e t h i s w e e k
It’s been a super hectic couple of weeks here at ASGT HQ, so apologies for the lack of produce list. Here’s this weeks, with all our extra stock added for those who requested it. availability-list-copy-1

Highlights this week:
* Mixed salad leaves from Stockport. These are lush, and grown just down the road, what could be better?
*Strawberries are plentiful at the moment. Don’t forget you can return your container to us to recycle
* Spanish cherries are back, these sell quickly so come at the of the week to snaffle these!
*I will hopefully be doing an extra veg run on Saturdays to our lovely supplier in Garstang. For those who used to visit us at Bunburys, you will be happy to learn her tomatoes, graffiti aubergines and green peppers are back on the list from this Saturday!
H o u s e h o l d c l e a n i n g
We are excited to add bulk washing up liquid, sanitiser, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner to our bulk offer. These will be Ecoleaf, which is SUMA’s own brand and sold by weight, so bring your containers to fill!
V e g b o x c o l l e c t i o n
We have had a few enquiries recently about putting together veg boxes for a quick and easy pick up. We are always happy to do this, we can either put a mixed box together for you or you can take a look at this weeks stock and specifically order what you want. Deliveries are on the horizon, but for now if you would like to arrange a collection just message us via Facebook or ring 07972 287108
Have a lovely sunny week folks!

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