“And this bag was just dancing with me…”.  No it wasn’t.  You tool.

The smoking ban is ten years old, now.  It’s a new era, and it’s difficult to remember how we used to sit in a massive thick chemical fog of fag smoke, down the pub.  Why did we do it?
The plastic bag charge will be two years old in October.  It’s already starting to feel like a strange luxury we all used to abuse, for no real benefit.
The main problem’s when you’re leaving the house.  Carrying everything you’re going to need for the next 12 hours, smeared in toothpaste, dragging your berserker children by their hair.  Followed by the inevitable tut when you reach the shop, all bagless.
Getting better at it though.  About 60% of the time, I arrive bagged up, so to speak.  Been using these for a while, which are quite frankly ace.  You know that strange, smug enjoyment you get from a new product that is very good at its’ job?  Course you do.  I’ll not describe them, I’ve bored the woman at the market too many times now, I need to shut up about them.  Click the link.  Emily and Lisa are hopefully going to be selling them very soon, you’ll love them.
Anyways, as you might have guessed, there’ll be no plastic bags in sight at Bunbury’s on Saturday.  Unless you bring one.  Which is fine.  No honestly, it’s ok.  You’re not a leper.  We’ve all got them.  You’ll obviously be leaving with a boutique fashionista handcrafted* ‘A Small Good Thing’ totebag.  Stick your plastic bag in that if you want.
*probably a lie.

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