A Month Of Thinking About Plastic

A Month Of Thinking About Plastic

Today marks the start of Plastic Free July. We all know the reasons why wrapping every bastard thing in plastic is a bad idea. But our current shopping system makes it very hard to avoid mountains of the stuff in our bins every month. Bad for the planet, bad for your Slim Bin.
Over the course of the month we will be joining in with this fantastic intitiative to bring you some Small Good changes you can make to your daily routine. If you want to go hardcore, you can officially join 130 million people in 30 different countries, and sign up to the challenge to #choosetorefuse here: http://www.plasticfreejuly.org/
Plastic Free July is a perfect example of lots of people doing little things to make big changes. By making the small changes to our habits, we put pressure on larger businesses to change their habits. As of July 2016, plastic bags in France were completely banned after mounting pressure from consumers, an awesome achievement. The UK went some of the way there by introducing the 5p charge in 2015, but as yet this only applies to businesses that employ more than 250 people.

We hope you find a way to join us in ditching the disposables this month!

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